May be a good thing to start with.

It has been raining incessantly from yesterday night. Had it been July 26th of 2005, I would not be as unconcerned as I am now. Various thoughts are pouring down, I ran out from the lab to collect these paper-boats before they capsize and get lost. This safe was created in confidence with the thoughts themselves. As I do it, I put on this title song from the movie Ankahee. It begins with notes from guitar and the mellow male voice as if sings from my shattered glass heart. I never felt so lonely and sad, strange for a pessimist like me who adores any song that collects grief and sorrow, that introduces a nostalgic feeling about the world, anything that makes more and more introspective and withdrawn.

Meanwhile now as I have rewinded the song sinking my heart more and more each time, i see the rain is taking a nap and the water from the garden has started receeding.

Having found nothing captivating in the storyline or consistency in the lyrics, I continue to be mesmerised by ……..

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