I have just one hour…..

Locating female is all that counts in the eyes of natural selection; the tactics used are irrelevant, says R. Gadagkar in Survival Strategies. May be that is why chat-room is so popular, locating isn’t difficult, if one has plenty of time.

Riddled with prejudices against my own-self and the hitherto existing medieval social values and customs, chat rooms are perfect pick-up bars for me. Me, a guy with unimaginable imaginations. Chatting with her, I imagine being with her, can feel her suggestive smiles in innocent lips, look into the sprak of unknown feelings in her eyes. Her sensour bossom, attractive bottom take a complete figure as I am lost more and more into the conversation. This will be the finest hour of chat, which of course is the end of the world. Locating however, is never difficult and Prof. Gadagkar didn’t mean locating only either. So I run into the sparsely populated female folks and start to initiate a talk. Many of them don’t respond, many stop after an exchange of few words. And with the very few of the few who wish to keep it on, i do run out of ideas. Seriously at the end of my wits, I slow it down, ask absurd questions, enquire if they are interested in dirty chat. One of these is sure to lose them, as I do always. Then there are some who like to be friends, some who get philosophical, some who want me to talk incessantly and yet some who dont give a damn to a little sex-chat. All those time I keep on thinking, why am I doing this ?? The answer remains elusive to me.

Then I meet some interesting ladies, I like to talk more with them and meet more like them. Some kind of sensual pleasure I might be seeking surely, which I cant get anywhere in real world. Or simply I don’t have the courage to be the naked, real me in the open theatre of the society. I had just an hour to wait for her, I have few minutes now…..

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