random thoughts…..

Walking down with a friend, I realised that Impossibility is a mere perception. A tale-tell that mesmerised you since time unknown. Examples would be a plenty. Have you ever thought it is the absence of examples that hinders ours dream. The limit of our imagination is set well within the perception. Creating imagination is difficult, reflecting them is easy. Reflecting it en mass is religion.

I  lay on bed, infatuated with some colourful dreams. Dream that disappeared, after arousing me. Its hard now. And I don’t know what to do. I try to restrain my enthusiastic limbs, I rollover north to south, south to north numerous times. After sometime I lose sense of direction, and the earth seems to be over me now. Is it like a balloon ? If not, why this aching emptiness swallows my heart. This bizarre habit of questioning everything is rather disturbing and digressing. Why should I worry if the emptiness is vacuum. It must have air within-don’t we presume it empty too-cause its keeping me alive. Alive ! am I ? Yes, it calls for a celebration.

I live multiple lives, often in conflcit with each other. Sometimes, I let my mind reason with them, assign class and status, define priorities. More often I live them at the chaos, in the middle of the bloody war, some complain-the weaker ones though-that i have choosen the time to play god, instead of mind. Rational, insightful beings are often dejected and weak. I smile, their fight is pointlesson the timescale, cause each of them are immortal within me. A tiny and seriously injured life sits besides me, gasping for breath, he says, “its either time or space, you never know what”. No, its not a good time to talk Tolstoy.

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