How I wish….

There is a girl I like. In fact, there are girls i like. But I think I have a chance with her. We get to spend some time together everyday except weekends. I mean at work. We try to make an impression on each other. But….

We are thousand miles away form “saying it”. I might just be wrong about she playing Bryan adams, while others wanted to play hindi songs. About her numerous attempts to strike a conversation. Her adorably beings foolish doing that. About her interests in books, her borrowing from me and talking about ’em. It might just another casual remark to say that I was the coolest.

I cant say I like everything in her. In fact I dont like most of ’em. Her too much religiosity, her timid, dependency nature, her narrow choices and countless little hitches. She isnt that beautiful either. Her brown skin, moon-face, speaking eyes, smiling lips, somewhat lofty bossom, healthy figure. I think its a big and loud OKAY.

I wish I could shed these 10 years. I wish I would undo my overly matured thinking. I wish I could do away my philosophy and politics. How I wish everything I cared for about this world came together and freed me. And let me lose myself in the depth of her eyes, warm my life again with her company and usher a spring-that-never-ends.

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