The beginning of an excitement…

They told me the new girl was quite a thing. The Boss wass fond of her, a mumbaite she became a matter of inquiry around there. I was at mess, as I am always. And every new girl makes me forget the mess for a moment. Then there was another.

I am not very sure what was her first impression on me. I was quite wasted anyway. We didnt exchange pleasantries either. Then once she told me where Pravadevi was. I didnt want to miss the screening of a documentary “India Untouched”. Well, it didnt break the ice. I usually think a lot before speaking with girls. I have been told before, I talked rude, I was selfish which was so apparent while I talked. I also always try to be politically correct. All these always hold me back. But she used to say it when she thought something. Like once she said, “bad luck for u. trapped in the cleaning day”. Or like when she said, I was coolest. Of course, if I am right, how rarely she thinks of me !!

And one day, Fanon’s “wretched of the earth” was carelessly thrown on the table. Later that day when we went for coffee, with few more people, she asked me if I could lend her some philosophy books. Something easy. Instantaneously I told, as a biologist she should start with Richard Dawkings. If it provoked her thinking on bigger picture of life, she could try others. I promised to give her “the selfish gene” that night at a seminar. To my horror, that book was locked away by a friend on vacation. Without considering second option, I broke open the lock, and rescued the book. I pretended least interested while I gave it.

The ghosts of my practical life haunted me for the following seemingly unending fortnight. When I finally emerged from their shadows, she was there in the staircase.

” Are you going to stay back at work for sometime.”


” I got to return your book”

“Oh” I sighed. A hope that there would be hope had just deserted my heart. “leave that with someone, or on the table”

I climbed down the staircase, and was lost into oblivion for i-dont-know how long.

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