Ancient Being ?

Hello. Lets not make any haste judgment about ourselves. Neither you are ancient, nor can people hate you for any such things.

I have a modernist outlook. But that comes from understanding the perspective of both ancient and modern lifestyle, culture. If I didn’t know anything about ancient civilizations, their culture, tradition how could I claim that we, now are living in a more egalitarian society. My belief that today the society is more advanced comes not just from the big scientific advancement that man has achieved but also the way we have started to address various social issues. It is therefore, much more important that we preserve and study, accurately, the ancient and medieval societies. I have a passion for such things, which obviously is not my field of expertise. In that sense, your work holds much importance.

I am serious about everything 😀 . Even about laughing. We should not be shy of our fantasies, imaginations, dreams even our sexuality. It is essential to recognize individual liberty (by the society), also the collective responsibility towards the society(by the individual). But we can never strike a balance when we start supresssing our desires, our emotions, our fantasies. Because those take the form of artistic expressions, and lead the cultural evolution.

The mail is getting legthier, if the subject comes up i will give u few example later may be. So never feel ashamed of sharing ur fantasies, at least when we agreed on it.

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