End of an Excitement

Then on one wretched morning, she sought some help to kick start the conversation, gauged my mood and after i unwittingly smiled at her she began. That she had to make a choice and she needed my opinion. That she had some better offer, should she quit ! Notwithstanding what I suggested, she quiting the lab was a little uncomfortable. I simple apprised her of the situation and left the decision open for her. But I made an opinion, actually after some afterthoughts, was ready to tell her to go on start her life about by getting married (although that was the least i wanted her to do) and not run after foolish dreams (that was exactly I would love her for).

But we never met again. She was given extra-ordinary privileges to come and go anytime by the boss and she reaped the benefits very well. Once again we met again, almost incidentally, of course at work. She was wearing her probably favorite olive colored top, which reminds me how fuller her breast was and a jeans which made her curvy bottoms look more attractive. I passed in front of her, too busy with something to greet her. She started saying to others, “see, he does not even say ‘hi’….” I returned, “you are talking of me”. She grimaced complainingly. I said, “not-to-worry, I would call you up everyday morning and say ‘hi’. People started staring at me, or at least I felt so, so did she. I asked her, “what did she decide”. She was gonna explain and she was called to the Boss’ cabin. We were all waiting to be called to the cabin. The gossip went on.

She said, she didnt have my mail id. I said, that was easy. we stopped. Before few days, she had asked if I was in orkut. I said, yes but i was in a secrete id. we had stopped there too. She was extraordinarily self-confident today, she spoke whatever came to her mind. Probably that made me the frightened me a little and later disappointed too. She even claimed to be able to solve my academic problem, in a joke of course. Then before leaving she said, “you all are very nice, and thats the nicest of all” pointing our me by name. Someone confirmed, she affirmed it. I wanted to complain, “no no, I want to go back to the coolest once again”. But I was busy, she came to me when I was a little more busy.

She said, “Bye”. The smile that is infectious soon turned melancholic. She hardly waited for the response and moved away. I remained occupied as ever…

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