Random thoughts…

I believe once you have come in contact with someone, the memory of him/her remains etched in you till it becomes non-essential, like the clothes of your bygone years, tender ages. Sometimes we adorn ourselves with more fashionable and likable clothes, so that the old ones are completely replaced. Anyhow, if time is a scale, how much unacceptable it may be, the memory of some interaction revives the relation, even though the person is not around. So it depends on you to celebrate that memory or disown it.

Disowning is a painful process, so I try to laugh about it if the memory brought some misfortune, or else celebrate it. So you in my case, i am always a friend of a person i have talked to. No matter how far we are, how long ago we met. Cause, the moment we meet again, there is a possibility of a spark. And I live within this limitless possibilities. Even then, I wont ask you to hold up your life for me. Why it is that we never try to believe friendship, love, compassion can be shared with multiple people. We might feel strongly about someone than the other, but that is not enough reason to reject the later. Or is it ?

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