Sufferers from the Time-ahead..

A friend of mine studies in Australia. “Judging by that standard of society and liberalism”, he says, “my friend we live a century ahead of our country”. No wonder you won’t get any girl.

Its not that complicated actually. I admit, I have little regard for the institution called marriage. And to talk to a girl in this society (with a particular motive) you have to be convinced that you might have to say anytime,-anytime-, “I love you, and I want to marry you”. Ok, it sounds little exaggerated but please dont be surprised, if she gets offended after knowing that you just wanted to ask her out, for a dinner or a date may be, but clearly not for marriage, without excluding it as a future possibility after you get to know each other. A relationship that does not ensure marriage is both explicitly and implicitly illicit :(.

(if you watch Indian cinema, you will better know it. But dont watch too much, I am trying hard to get out of the hypnotizing effect of it)

So is my friend right ? Theoretically yes, but practically NO. I live within the cloud of individual freedom and preach too. But my action manifests within the acceptability of social realm. So I actually live a restrained life, in a box smaller than my size.

see, for example.

I was walking back from lab last afternoon. I saw two feminine figures faraway. I actually dont remember what I was thinking before that, but my thoughts came clouded over the one with red and white dupatta. As they approached nearer, I could make out they were just coming off the swimming pool. The cynosure with wet and unmade hair, black eyes and wonderful Indian brown skin. She had a polythene bag where she probably had her swimming costume. But all the time, I was thinking as I was stealing a sight of her, how attractive she was ! And then we approached, I withdrew my focus to the footpath ahead of me, like a good-natured married man (!), just to return a final glance and found her staring at me lasciviously-or that was the magic of the the big black eyes.

But anyway, we both turned away as if it was a mistake. I know I might never get to see her again, like the numerous cases before. This is exactly what I am talking about. Does not it bundle me back to medieval ages ? Why should I blame our culture, while I have my head buried in the sand ! Each time it happens, I tell myself to smile at, not withdraw glances, or say hi. Each time I forget or fidget.

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