A less intimate conversation…

“Why did you stop coming by”

“I got busy lately. Besides, we were going nowhere.”

I expected her to be surprised, or at least feign it. Intending to catch that look I looked into her eyes.

“Where did u wanted to go ?” She just had had an open laugh.

I shifted my gaze beyond her to crowd. Ah, she knew it all along !

“You know all those literature and movies, all those storm over the tea-cup. They kinda get monotonous.”

“..hmm..everything gets monotonous after a while, like your way of obfuscating questions…” She said with a look of implying something even if it was crystal clear.

“No, I don’t” I try to interrupt but she continues anyway

“No, I don’t understand. You are so vocal about issues, rights, povs, ideals. You leave an indelible impression in the first encounter. Yet, you are so opaque about yourself, your own wishes….”

“To understand yourself is the supreme knowledge, isnt it..may be I am not there yet”

“There you go again !!” she sighed in frustration.

“Its true. Behind that intellectual and sophisticated mask of ours, the basic human insticts lies. And Its interplay with our conscince….

“Let me ask you straight, did you like me then ?”

“I tried”

“Well thank you ! No, …because when you said, we were not going anywhere and I got it. Did you have feelings for me ?”

I now sensed the feeling intensifying between us,which I ought to diffuse. I said, “well, I develop feelings for any girl i talk more than once.”

” And you tried..?”

“And I tried…”

” to do what..”

“to impress you…”

“Was is that all those intellectual and high talks about…”


“hmm..well, you could never convincingly win me ever”

” I didnt want to..”

“what !!”

” I wanted to keep trying”

A puzzled stare.

” I wanted to impress you a little every day. I wanted to live in your curiosity, in your thought. Till the day you are convinced, which was never to come”

“And I used to fall in love with you all over again every time.”

“So it wasn’t monotonous then.”

“You said it was, I dont know why…a lame excuse ?”


“So is it the same with all others u ‘develop feelings about’.” She had finally conceded that I was never gonna more serious than I ever was. She had a good laugh now.

“Pretty much…”

“oh so I was a routine. A day”. Acting out hurt, she looks prettier.

“No, come on. You were special, remember you were weekend. haha”

” Why are you so abhorrent to affectionate words”

Is she actually hurt !!

“I am ?”

” Anyway, love you next time”

” love you always” I murmured.

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