Some very cold days..

So its cold today ! Its been a few weeks or months, totally unusual and upsetting. At first I gathered the winter-clothes pushed into the would-be-thrown suitcases. Then I took out the quilt from the safe. And I slept as much I could..

I woke up into an agonising laziness or annoying disturbances of the construction going on near by. Usually at mid day. I tried to position myself in front of the laptop to start writing my research papers. My feet would get cold. I wondered for a long time, if it was “fear of studies” or the chilling wind blowing through the slit of the closed window, slightly open skylight that freezing my feet. Sometimes, in fact at any time of the day, as early as 1900 h or even midday, my room would start freezing. I would first feel in my cheeks, my ears as if a deadman’s palms have held my face straight up. And I wont have words to talk to him. Its then the floor would fall to sub-zero temperature. I would rush to grab a blanket, wrap myself up and spread the rug more towards the study table.

As I was sitting on plastic chair which probably didnt feel the wrath of the chilly wind and placed my feet on the rug, I pulled my blanket to cover my head and started to type with maximum speed fighting with the wind resistance. After sometime, the door opens and I hear an utterance almost like a hiccup and then a something being dumped. I switched on the light to see her scared to death. But she was only cursing me in pain.

Suddenly we both realise what had happened. I had pre-set the background of my textpad in red to give me a little warm feelings in the chilly word. Its reflecting on my skin-turning it blood red, as i sat with my black blanket drawn over my head like a hood. It resembled many ways, horror films make “Death” appear on screen. My anti-glare glasses sparked from inside the dark hood. When she was taken aback with a sight like this, she had one step on the rug and another on the naked concrete floor. A little motion, and she lost her balance.

” My left hip hurts !!”

I greened. She knew it was in reference to her hips

“shut up ! I felt like I just walked into a horror film.”

“I am finally writing started on that idea. You wanna see ?”

The wind gropes your ear-its cold, but you have the warm hug of the sun. You walk slowly rubbing your ears, folding your arms around yourself, rubbing your palms or putting them inside your jeans pocket straightened-arm, shoulder up. Within minutes your patience gives way to your pace. You pull your hands out and run. You don’t run as fast as you could but you like the idea that you will reach sooner. After a while you start panting, you try to keep on. Then the sun starts burning faster. And you stop.

“Sounds cool !”

You know for this, I have to read a thousand times more than I what I write. Even the stuff I have already read. Because I want to exploit the willful omission or blissfully ignored details.

And then mercury dropped as silently watched each other.

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