Facts of my life…

1. I think i am going to die. Sometimes I think, am already dead, so there is no need to die again, or may be I should cause it does not make any difference now.

2. My research sucks. I try hard to explain my experimental design to my supervisor. I try hard to explain my research to the people back in village. Both come poking about it, both don’t get me.

3. I think I am falling in love, I am just relishing my time mid-air, before I hit the ground. I have played this game before.

4. I have lots of friends, we are still working out an universal redefinition of friendship. Till then, we have put our activities and interactions on hold.

5. My folks do not expect anything from me. They just want me call up every sunday, to tell me what I should do in the next week.

6. I have not yet reached a decision, what time I should sleep. And that screws up every time I plan for a week or month.

7. People give me lots of advice. I tell them, I dont need theirs, I have load of advice of my won, I need a hand or two to try them out, if they can.

8. Everytime I tell people, things I like to do, they tell me how to make money with it. Adsense in Blogging, competitive sports, copy writing. But they don’t like to know I like sex too.

9. For a long time I thought, the sky was blue because of the water in the swimming pool. Then I realised, it is so because it looks good that ways. Think of a pink or a green sky, and you will know.

10. I didn’t have a troubled childhood, it started from the adolescence.

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