Changing lanes

Its simple. Think of five habits of your that are not much productive but keep you occupied. When I did, they were Chatting, Movies, Blogging, Fantasising and Running. In order of time consumed, un-productiveness and addiction. But it does not have to be in order.

Now, pick up one, just any one and set a limit on it.

I picked Running. The limit was, run for 40 mins everyday at the most healthy hours for next one month. That became a 5:30am schedule of running about 8 to 9 kms, everyday. I started with all enthusiasm and I started it when I would sleep at around 5 or 6 am in morning, skip breakfast-sometimes lunch too, very irregular at work, chatting or thinking about all the things I could not do. I wasn’t unhappy with that, but even without much sleep most days went unproductive.

First day run was inspiring. When drops of sweat sprouting all over my face, I thought of ways to confront some of my demons. I convinced myself over the next 20 minutes that I would do that. And to my amazement now, I actually did. Next few days, I was on dot. I would keep working, or doing something on PC and when the alarm goes off, I would get up refresh and run like hell. Then tiredness took over me, I took nap after lunch, slept in lazy evenings. I tried to care not to affect my work with that. After two weeks I was sleeping at midnight, getting up at 5am, like a school-going-kid. I would watch BBC world for an hour, and have a shower-which I often used to think unnecessary, and go to the breakfast table cool and trendy.

It was the third week where monotony set in. I was barely getting used to the changes of life, when it occurred to me that, I had more fun before. It was a catch 22 situation. I would run very slow-I same distance would take me 10 minutes extra, I would feel like stopping every second minute, my fantastic imaginations were taking over me. I received some msges from chat-mates “where are you ??”. My disposition was dwindling, and I started waking up late, sometimes an hour or so.
Thats when I chucked Movies. I used to watch at least one every night. There were no dearth of it. It created a vaccum in my life, just like the disappearance of my im friends did. I slept a little early, woke up a little early and ran. I ran, even when I read the Bull’s Sports Injury said endurance training needs sufficient rest. I ran when my muscles were aching, my t-shirts and boxers were gathering at a corner of room my unwashed, sweaty and smelly.

On weekend, I washed them. Washing machines are the second most beautiful creation of god. And while I was standing at the corridor how I have endured those last 3 weeks, and the amount of time I have spend working, even the round-trip I have made to my lab, I felt proud of myself. It was easy for me to carry through the next one week. But I decided, why give up now. It is a good habit anyway. So I am running, without limit…

It is very useful when thesis writing is going on.

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