Hagar the Horrible’s Lesson of Life

Hagar is sitting at the bar drinking. He says, ” I am upto my nose in trouble”. Lucky Eddie replies, “then you might wanna stand up”

Thats right. May be the added height ‘ll keep your nose off trouble, may be the the freed limbs will. May be thats why our nose is up there. It could be on the top of our head, but I would not better wish that. I would not like the rain water pour into it. And definitely not the hard sun.

You know the feeling, when you look out and everything seems standstill. There are leaves, green or pale-you really can’t say, in the tree, on the floor. But you don’t see one falling, mid-air. There isn’t any wind either. There are few birds alighted on the branches, looking at you with their big round eyes. More like the stuffed ones, in the Museum of natural history. So are the people, dressed in all the colors of the world but still with expressionless plastic faces, turned into mannequins. Everything is firmly perched, everything is inanimated. And yet when you look inside, you have this feeling of sinking constantly. The movement seems incredibly slow, and you don’t even know what are you sinking into. May be water-deep blue water, mud may be-you legs feel bereft of any strength or its a quick-sand and you are too afraid to move your limbs.

You wonder if it is the infinite emptiness on your chest that pushing you down. A high density emptiness that is also translucent. When you see in it, you find yourself inside-trapped. You find yourself shrunk with it, in all dimensions including time to absolute zero. You have lost your existence. You feel as if you have been quietly removed from everything around you. The emptiness is now so opaque you don’t even know if its true. But in the world of your emptiness, in the world of your nothingness, in that blackness…….

Stop it already ! This is the feeling I have all my life, no not throughout but it returns like a nagging neighbour, nah like a poking parent, no, no like a reeking reality. But I got to endure it, because only past it is, if there is any, life.

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