Love and Lies

If there is one thing in the world that is supposed to be unconditional it is love. But unconditional love has also conditioning. If I love her unconditionally, then probably it’s because I think she is perfect, she is the one. Then actually my unconditional love is to the person and to the set of attributes which appeals to me as an ideal match. Actually it’s the set of attributes which has the lion’s share of my love.

“Is there a difference? A person is what her physical and other attributes make her”

Yes, a person may exist in a real world, but for another person she is fictional. It means, I don’t know her as a person, but for her sparking eyes, infectious smile, inviting look-sorry I am being carried away. I know her by the way I remember her, by the time we have spent together and by the way I think she is. This is the person I love; she lives in my head-or in my heart, if you say so. And this is the person I love unconditionally.

But what about the person who lives few kilometers from me, in the busy MMRDA housing colony, who is sitting in front of me right now?

“She is the person, the image in your heart represents.”

And how fairly it does? And don’t call her image please! There is always a difference between the perceived and absolute reality. But you know, there is no other way to know the absolute reality other than to perceive it. So in the end, we would be comparing two perceived realities in our head and the one with the most compelling and convincing evidence wins. It is the same between the two of her.

“So basically it’s your way of saying ‘stop lying to me’?”

…..I think I want you to keep lying to me. Cause I think its not you-as you are in the MMRDA colony I love, but it’s as the person who lives in my hear-oh yes, my heart, I am in love with. So keep telling me the lies that made me fall in love with you, or the truth if they were. Until, there is a real possibility that both of her, lets go back to the third person, live so close to each other that, I don’t really differentiate the lies and truth and between her twos.

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