Of course, I hate don’t dogs

“Life beyond the reasoning of a dog is waste of time”


No. Its Pluto.

(source-some cartoon-strip in newspaper) 

By the way, Plato was the Greek philosopher (yes, Greek geek :D) and Pluto is a Disney puppy (cool but not cat, dog). Dogs, what’s the deal with them! Can you believe the only other person who walked into Heaven alive with Yughistira in Indian Mythology was a Dog! Now you might object a dog being called a person, but hey, he walked straight into Heaven! You and Me are not sure yet. Besides its Indian mythology, anything can (could have) happen. Then there is Three Man in a Boat. You think it would be a humor classic, without Montmorency (the dog)? Even the title is incomplete without it (the title actually is; “Three Man In A Boat (To Say Nothing Of The Dog)). And believe me; among the all four persons Montmorency was more entertaining.

But the dogs are not ingratitude either. They return the favor at your doorstep, whether you want or not. Sometimes they leave it there and take off, to avoid to see you in an embarrassing situation. Sometimes that might be left off at your lawn, just be careful not to step on it. That’s just one of their ways.

Another way is, they try hard to keep us awake in night. A pack of dogs would come inebriated after some late night party and start barking in unison. Not exactly in unison but trying to drown each other’s barking. Sometimes they do it to please (or tease may be) the campus security. The campus security takes this as a natural siren for Panther invasion (just if you know Panther scare is real one. It comes down the adjoining sanctuary if it wants to have some fun in an especially lame rainy Friday night). Are you kidding? Do you really think the dogs would gang up against the the Panther like a group of trade unionists, forgetting their own rivalry. Have you forgotten what Karl Kraus said, “To be sure, the dog is loyal. But why, on that account, should we take him as an example? He is loyal to man, not to other dogs.” So what they do when they spot the big cat? I think they sneak into the hostels and pretend its boring out there.

Some dogs are permanent residents in my hostel. If you, by any chance, leave your doors open, one of them will slowly come walking and peep inside. He probably has a certain curiosity of what people do on the computer. Gosh, every room has one! And then during rush hour in the Dinning Hall, he will stretch himself comfortably at the door, which is just as wide as him. He lies there squinting in one eye and daring anyone to step on him. Nobody dares, some try to hush him out, some call the security. He thinks man’s courage is like milk in a kettle on stove. You just have to keep the heat right. He tastes it in the staircases. Most staircases are, for architectural simplicity; at least have one turn per floor. And when you turn right angle while coming down, there he is, on the first step. And never on a corner. If some one of you steps on him, he wakes up in a jerk and barks some expletives. Then he slowly walks out of there, knees bent, tail pressed showering him curses of a hundreds children who wouldn’t let him have a little rest.

In the lounge they are so well-mannered. They will slip their head in and peep at the TV, if they see some hot girls on screen they will come wagging their tales. Once inside they will look at me with questioning eyes. I think, they say what are you doing, this is unmanly hours (i.e about 2-3 AM,), but I think they might also be asking “who is she, looks hot”. You think they look at you asking for permission? Never. In fact, if you don’t notice them they quietly settle down on the soft mattresses on the floor, or the cushions of the chairs. But if u notice they have entered, they will leave as if they had come to tell you its past bedtime and TV was making too much sound. But if there is Discovery Channel or Animal Kingdom, they don’t bother to come in. They hate both the channels. I think, they don’t agree with the those channels for political reasons (you know the channels hardly talk about dogs, always about wild animals, so partisan !). They feel ‘the jungle is no place to behave like wild animals”. This is also what the Kangaroo said in “Horton sees a who”. And that’s why they behave wildly in the streets, barking and fighting each other. They have no arrangement with the campus security. I just know, okay !!

But this is all about the dogs on the street. There are dogs, who look much cleaner, healthier, prettier and/or ferocious, these are the pets. You can only see them in the morning and in the evening on the street usually accompanied by pretty women. But you won’t believe it if I tell you, it is almost always women, who have been very cruel to them. They adopt the prettiest dogs, and they won’t let them fool around with the female dogs in the neighborhood. They select the most ferocious, and keep it chained for life. They pick up the strongest one, and not let me hunt his own prey. “Hey know what, I don’t care” a horrendous canine blocked my way last night and said “If she she is pretty, she can be a little selfish.” As the pretty lady struggled to hold him in control, he barked “remember that, will you, bow-wow.

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