Sadiya Siddiqui is HOT!

Its her! She is wearing a shiny green color saree with golden borders. The scene opens with her and the stage illuminates quickly after. ” Mujhse saadi karogi ?” she is asked, and as you can guess my heart sank…but I knew from the childlike playful expression (isn’t it amazing writers always potray how pure is their love story by trying to invest  ‘innocence’ in the beloved ?) she wore that she would not just say ‘yes’. Besides it wont be a good start. She does not pause to say ‘no’, she does not seem to scramble for an answer. But she enjoys his company, his stories. She asks for another story, and I wondered if it was an open competition, when he grabs the opportunity.

He tells the story through several protagonists. And the plot unfolds with parallel stories, stories within stories, about the vagaries and miseries of life but in a humorous way. She insists on a happy ending. They are in a small, nondescript railway station in the company of a kit of pigeons. He gives them voice and expression. They sing and tell their stories-the stories that happened in the very railway station.  Both of them disappear into the flock of pigeons. She now looks like a college girl with her pigeon masks and pigeon coats on, I can only see her legs. Pigeon legs !! Some fair, much fair girl, among the pigeons, has a spade tattooed just above her ankle. Thats also awesome

The multiple stories appear derivative and sometimes even senselessly unrelated. But I see it as a predicament of a lover and forgive. He masquerades the end with his proposal. Again !! They argue. She says, he has been telling her stories of his own life. And he says, he picks up stories everytime he touches her fingers. He says, his stories are hers. He says, if she wants she could make it a happy ending this time.  The way she laughs I think she says “yes”, slyly.

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