A quick post

A quick post! What does that even mean? Well, its like saying something impromptu. Wait, I think i can remember! Anyway after 10 minutes of thinking I dont have it. And I dont have much time. So quick post means, you will notice a lot of slipshod spellings and sloppy grammar.

The point is, this is what the blog was supposed to be- Quick and Uninhibited Navel Gazing. Instead it is trying to fuddle itself with hypocritical slobberish fictions. As if I am not in a sea of it already. Not that those are bad (and I am not talking about the quality)-thats one of my favorite pass time.

Are we not missing the point? I dont think I can continue.

Anyway, there is a competition up- ‘best love letter writing’. I hope the judges for the guys’ letters are girls and vice versa. That may be rewarding. So best of luck, singles.

P.S.- I am sorry I cant disclose the venue and time of the competition cause of the moral police (sic) threat. Also because, the participants need some ambiance.

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