Before Sunrise

“Moments that should have passed without a faint hiss startle me like a honking highway truck. Each such moment shakes me up and I am resigned to my reflexes. I cover my ears. It feels like the trapped rackets are digging into my ear with pickaxes. I scream at the blaring trucks, they think I am complimenting. My choicest expletives are thrown back at me, like coins in a shallow seashore. Welcome to noise.”

I wake up. Did I dream aloud?

Sleep is an escape from reality, but only if it’s free from dreams. Dreams are snapshots of life, only anachronistic. It is also the theater of your life, where you are passive observer. You can see your best moments going down with a whoosh and you lie there quadriplegic. There is your highest aspiration in rainbow colors within an eye-shot. One moment you are relishing it, next moment you stare with vacant eyes to a colorless sky. May be, I am dreaming when I find myself in a pandemonium. The control that I had over life is weaker than the silken thread of cobweb. It splits on the weight of dew drops. Am I living inverted dream and reality ?

I shake those thoughts off my head. But they attack in hordes. They stave off me when the alarm goes off. Then I pull up my shocks- literally, and run, leaving door unlatched behind. There is a slight chill in the air, it rustles against my skin. The playground is fenced by shapeless trees which only exacerbate darkness. The sky above is a big toothless yawn trying to suck me in. And I go rounds after rounds trying to stay rooted. There are few more like me there. I try to avoid them.

“Should not we be running after sunrise, you know when oxygen is produced?”

“Isn’t really that big a difference”

“It’s not?”

“Nope, Oxygen is 21 %, Carbon dioxide is just 0.04 %. The ratio is just too high to change in night”

“I see”

“Unless probably under thick canopy or closed crowded room”.

“What’s the fuss about global warming then?”

“That’s different”

P.S- Carbon dioxide does cause global warming.

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