Bombay-Meri Jaan, Goodbye

Mumbai: My Beloved Whore

You warm up our beds
Play the flutes of Eternity
Play around with our dreams
Breathe fire to our sperms
O footloose hussy
O chulish slut
O Khandoba’s concubine
O wanton coquette
O whore with a heart of gold
I wont go away from you like a ragged beggar
I’ll strip you to your bone
Come, throw open the gates of heaven to the poor devils
Mumbai, my beloved whore
I’ll take u for a ride
I’ll strike u dumb
And go

(A small stanza of the marathi poem titled “Mumbai, mazhya priya rande” by former Dalit Panther Leader and poet Namdeo Dasal, from his collection Khel (1993))

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