Locked Out!

i moved as if there was a storm alert, though i had been watching the shore for a while, from underwater, in a state of apnea, and I knew i ‘d have to get out of the comfort of the life-retarding blue water, fling quicksteps on the blistering sand. as i sorted the disposables from the inseparables of my seven sedentary years, i brought along that tiny cryptic chinese or thai box whose colors-mostly various shades of grey-fill this page.

disenfranchised voluntarily with a rather poorly inked stamp, I have been wandering around in search for reasons to open that box. and means too. there are hours of me-if i were what life really is, time-locked in there. in this crowd of multiple isolations, there is little time to recreate those hours. standing outside, feeling stranger in my own kitchen, it draws onto me how easily i have left my loved ones behind. how happy they were to let me go! there were tears, i know, but they weren’t meant to be obstacles. the box didn’t figure in thoughts anymore, until now, when i open this blog.

thinking very small these days. viruses-phage, they are called lovingly! interesting story, for later.

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