It’s scary!

How some people, in the sheer zeal of ‘living’ life only give it a distant and cursory look. “Everything is beautiful from a distance”. Life deserves a closer look, or may be you deserve a closer look of life. Of your own. If not under a reading glass, may be in a looking glass.

I thought so while I was working, my hands full and mind juggling thoughts. I forgot, tried and failed to remember. And it propitiously came back to me when I thought to write something. How often can you decide to write something without an idea to start with, and a thought that captivated you (and left) comes back?

An idea, an infatuation need an on-going engagement. From an observation a syllogism grows, but not without pruning and heading-back. Life needs such engagement, romantic, philoshopical and pragmatic. It should be lived, loved and looked thoroughly. Order isn’t important. Without these, life doesn’t change its course, it finds no reason to. Only the bed of flow changes.

How can you tell it to your younger without sounding condescending?

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