Random thoughts

Outsider that I am
I may never possess
That ability to camouflage
My indignation,
For a person of Depressed Classes
Disagreements abound,
Arguments spark at every joint,
A slew of random misfortunes,
In the name of social norms and customs,
Mainstream ideologies and other generalities,
Greet at every sunrise.

Protesting the blemishes we were type-casted in,
I ‘ve gritted the bourgeoisie ‘virtues-
(Ironic isn’t it?)
Between teeth, like life support.
I ‘ve also nurtured what they called ‘Intellect’;
If that is virtue at all
Last night I wonder,
How have my virtues served me?
My conscience, my worst adversary, decries,
“A persons virtue is to serve his fellow beings,
Don’t be ridiculous!
Your vices have served you well.”
Oh well, I can’t list my vices
Too big, too deep!!

Like a provocateur,
I have saved life, risked commitment
Instigating, applauding
From a safe distance ruffling feathers,
-Don’t Kill The Messenger-
One day, I wish
I ‘d be thrown out of the establishment,
That I have strapped to my chest,
As if it were breast-feeding,
Incarcerated, if not expended
And forced to lift the baton,
I ‘d then return to my people,
Ask my virtues and vices alike
“You have served the wrong people greatly,
Will you now deliver to the wronged people?”


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