The Giant

Waiting for a solitary passer-by so long can be tiring. To fend off loneliness he hopped around, eating intermittently, quickly over-eating. And soon he was drowsy. It is a bit tricky for him because of his rotund belly and small pointy head, probably making him look like he was diving into the earth when he lied face down. Not that he had seen himself sleeping or anybody had told him so. Of course, elders had warned him a thousand times not to sleep on his back. “Do you need your belly examined?,” they would shout. Sitting was not an option either. So all he could do was crouch and draw funny shapes on the ground trying to ignore the hypnotic dance of the bugs. He had no appetite to go after them.

It was when his eyelids were heavy and the limbs were so light that his wet belly rolled half in the sand and his big eyes were almost covered with it, he noticed the blurred appearance of a pair of small legs. That, he decided he would say when he gets home to narrate his adventure, whereas he had rolled over in his post-feed sleep and was lying flat on his back. Even the hopping of the two feet like that of a wounded animal did n’t wake him. It was the nudging of the her toe against his belly. He woke screaming, fearing to see the scissors that the elders talked about.

Instead, the startled little girl fell straight on her back.

“Oh, not on your back. Not on your back. Get up, get up”.

Surprised, the little girl sat up, her legs still stretched straight.

“You know, it is probably a superstition. Whenever little ones sleep on their back, the elders turn them around and warm them, “do you need your belly examined,” he said, moving to her left and then right trying to avoid the stunned eyes, “Some smart alecs say examined really means having you belly cut open and of course you‘d never wake up again. But I am not superstitious. I just..”

“Wow, you are a giant frog!”

“I am? Really? No..,” the frog was embarrassed, “I am just as big you are.”

“But you are not supposed to be.”


Both paused to think for an answer.

“I guess, if you really want to be something u can be whatever u want,” said the frog finally.

Then the little girl heard distant voices of her parent. She got up and ran towards them. She could not wait to tell them.

She turned back, freshly surprised, “And you can talk”.

And the frog, whether in the wild, dreaming or in the girl’s dream, thought it was a completely waste of his time. Not that he had some pressing matter of the state to attend to, and he actually felt better after talking, but he also needed to do what other frogs do. Being a giant is no exception.


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